Saturday, January 09, 2010

New York Times: 31 places to visit in 2010

Singapore missed this list in 2010. I hope that it will be included in 2011, when the two casinos open for business.


Ghim Moh Resident said...

Not surprising that there are US cities in the lists as its by New York Times.

Anonymous said...

They listed Las Vegas but not Macau, which is famous just for casinos.

So will they list Singapore next round, due to casinos? Unless the editor or writer are gamblers.

Or maybe Singapore is so small and insignificant as a country that most Americans don't even know it exist. In some reports they even thought it is part of China!

But of course Obama knows Singapore and LKY.


Ghim Moh Resident said...

Fyi, actually some US citizens do know this country is governed by the Lee family but they got mixed up and call it the Li family.

The Li family I am refering to is none other than Li Ka Shing of Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

What's very interesting to visit in Singapore?

Tan Kin Lian said...

There are many interesting places to visit in Singapore, more interesting than most of the other 31 cities that have been listed in The New York Times. I don't know why NYT misses out Singapore, when they list many other cities.

KLC said...

KL is on the list, woo!
My Singapore cousins, do come up to KL for a break - our hotels are such a bargain!

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