Sunday, January 03, 2010

UK Companies Investigation Branch

From UK Daily Mail
2 January 2010

Robert Burns has a blunt message for cheats who set up companies to con the public. 'There is an organisation that can take action against you and put you out of business,' he warns. That organisation is the Companies Investigation Branch. You may not have heard of it - much of its work is confidential - but it may have quietly taken action to stop you falling victim to sharp practice.

Some traditional types of malpractice recur. One involves 'land banking', where plots of land are purchased and sold to investors on the basis that planning permission will be granted.
'We find time and time again that the prospects of planning permission are south of zero,' says Burns.
'In one case, the land had everything wrong with it from a development point of view. It was green belt, a heritage site and was on a flood plain. There was just about every conceivable obstacle.'


Mike said...

The problem is the UK CIB seems to take forever to investigate these companies. By the time they are confident of proving wrong doing the company may have already scammed millions and moved it overseas.

Steal food - go to jail. Steal millions of pounds in fraud over several years and get banned from being a director for two years while you sit on the beach in spain or Dubai or Singapore and spend the money.

Anonymous said...

hi sir,

is it possible for you to put up a list of companies that are offering such land banking products. The companies and their address.

You need not put it directly at your blog or just link it to a dummy blog.

The public can contribute to the list if they come across such companies.

It is a known facts that they use hard selling and pressure techniques and vulnerable victims fall prey.

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