Sunday, February 27, 2011

Local professors in Singapore

A local professor sent a message to me about the sorry tale of local professors in Singapore. I carried out a survey to ask for reader's comments about the views. 19 replied and 79% agreed with the local professor. See their comments here.


Recruit Ong said...

the only way u can 'reverse the situation' is to stop giving your votes to the PAP and start voting for the Opposition. the PAP cannot reverse the situation bcos it is a party that has already lost touch with the ground...

Lion said...

I have seen it in my previous work area where research is the key work in my company. Many of the professors and upper management have been over taken by foreigners.
Actually I personally do feel that we need knowledgable foreigners which are of value to singapore economy. However I feel that more proper policy can be implemented to select and policy to allow singaporean to learn with them rather than letting majority of the management and job taken over. Proper policy should be taken to ensure that singaporean could learnt and lead their our own institute and company to a higher level.

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