Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Financial Planning Talk and Review of Insurance

Hi, Mr. Tan
I really enjoyed the seminar last Saturday. Initially, I had wanted to give the seminar a miss as I did not want to leave my infant daughter at home. Am really glad that my time away from her was well spent!

Before the attending your seminar, I signed up as a member of FISCA. May I know if i can approach a volunteer to vet through a few insurance policies for me? Since the birth of my daughter, we have received quotations ranging with annual premium ranging from $20K to $35K.

Please go to this website (www.easysearch.sg) and do a financial plan. You will get a report that shows the names of two volunteers. You can contact Vincent Sear, as he is knowledgeable about insurance. He will see if he can guide you, for a modest fee.


Spur said...

$20K to $35K annual premium for insurance products?!? Do yourself & your daughter a favour by throwing the BI quotes and the salesman pitch into the dustbin.

Go and educate yourself by buying & reading Mr Tan's books and go thru his valuable documents on his website. Learn how to calculate and analyse the numbers in the BI quotes. Learn how to easily calculate yield for any insurance product which 99.9% of the salesman don't know how to compute. Learn what is proper financial planning, what is correct insurance, and how to execute long-term savings.

And get your spouse to learn as well.

Unknown said...

$20K to $35K annual premium may sound alot at first, but do not be misguided by the numbers.

Likewise, there are people who fail to understand why someone would blow $300K-$400K on a BMW 7 series when a Toyota Altis could get him to the same places.

The important thing is to educate and guide clients to understand their REAL needs.

I am willing to offer my opinions if anyone is interested. You may contact me @ kwan_desmond@hotmail.com.

FYI, Spur... the above example is a business friend of mine. She bought the BMW as a company car because she made a tidy sum in her business that year and felt if she had to pay so much tax to the govt, she might as well spent it on something she can use.

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