Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Talking point - no point talking

Read this:


rex said...

rex comments as follows,

The real tragedy of the issue of SDP not being invited, is not that they are not invited per se.

The real tragedy is that the "independent" media, which is surely instrumental in the generation of a questioning mind and responsible citizenship, ought to make a reference to this, so that readers can at least form their own opinions.

For a fact SDP is one of the few parties who are not (currently) exhibiting internal fracas and their recent election campaigns are perfectly legitimate, their style not radically different from WP or NSP etc.. So it doesn;t make sense to discriminate one party against other party.

Focussing on the present and the future, one only needs to look at the SDP website to judge fairly whether they are out to make trouble or out to do some perceived good. It is a tragedy that the media does not even mention this blatant discrimination and news blackout of a political party which is merely trying to do its job, just like any other party in the scene. Is it because SDP has been recently labelled "dud" and therefore not even newsworthy ? Who is to judge?


Recruit Ong said...

it is clear SDP poses the greatest threat to the PAP leadership, dats why the media blackout.

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