Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Fee guidelines - the Brunei Times

THE BRUNEI TIMES, 25th Feb. 2011
It is partly the Singapore Government's fault when they withdrew the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) guidelines for professional medical fees in Singapore a few years ago, saying that it is "price fixing" and is "anti-competitive".
This means today in Singapore, the professional fee is between the doctor and the patient as there is no guidelines to fall back on. If the doctor wants to charge, there is no limit as long as the patient is willing to pay. Hence technically, there is no such thing as "over-charging".
This is a case that appeared in High Court in Singapore a few days ago and it still ongoing:


Lye Khuen Way said...

That opinion by Brunei Times should make our authority sit up.
Many of us were aghast that a body set up to ensure some form of comsumer protection ended up doing the direct opposite.
As I have stated elsewhere, Dr Susan Lim should not be fauted. The business culture here, the regulations, enforcement were responsible for what happen. AS pointed out, there can be no Overcharging, as there were no Guidelines on charges ! We sure have a Free-Market in Singapore.
My humble, free opinion

Vincent Sear said...

It means the doctor can tell the patient, you're going to die. I can help you live longer, Now, hand over all your money.

veronika said...

Not news worthy.

Since legal recourse to claim the monies is almost impossible,
it is recounted and published for a purpose.

Furthermore, throw in political connections.. the brew becomes very thick. Excellent movie material.

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