Thursday, February 23, 2012

Consumption tax

Is it better to have a value added tax (such as the GST in Singapore) or a sales tax? My answer is - none of them. Let us move back to a tax on income.


Everlearning said...

We are law-abiding citizens and pay our taxes willingly. Thinking of ways to reduce our taxes have never crossed our minds because nation-building needs money and what is due to the government we willingly submit.

However, in recent years, we feel that we are being stressed to a point that our pent-up feelings are just going to stay for a long, long time.

Frankly speaking, I loathe property investors. I live in a private apartment(inherited) and have to endure these different people renovating their apartments for them to earn easy money from rentals. They were the ones who caused me so much stress when my apartment is imminently damaged twice when they hacked their floorings. I have sought help from the management of this building and was told to settle between the parties involved.

I have to keep paying higher property tax - from home property value of $8400 to $18000, less than eight years' period.

My question is: I am getting more headaches and heartaches from this unwholesome people who just go all out to push home-prices up and making changes to the structural internal buildings to enable them to rent out more rooms to collect more money.

Our society has become so ungracious and mean that my heart is so hurt.

Everlearning said...

Sorry, I have omitted the question:
Can every bedroom install its own toilet attachment where originally there was no such outlet to do so?

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