Saturday, February 25, 2012

TABS is disruptive technology

An IT expert describes TABS (taxi automated booking service) as a "disruptive technology". This is a technology that changes a process completely.

Why? A normal taxi booking service is a "push system". The customer request is sent to the nearest taxi - while they are still moving along the road - and the first driver that respond gets the booking. When the customer arrives at the pick-up point, there is the risk that the customer is not around, i.e. "no show".

TABS uses a "pull system". The taxi driver uses TABS to "find customer" after dropping off the previous customer and before driving off. The driver sees the location of the 5 nearest customer, including the booking fee (or tip) that they are willing to pay on top of the taxi fare. If there is a customer close by that pays an acceptable fee, the taxi driver can call the customer by mobile phone to confirm the booking. This reduces the risk of "no show".

TABS will help to reduce consumption of petrol, road congestion and road accident - as the taxi driver does not need to look for a passenger on the road.

Currently, TABS has a weakness - the customer does not know when the taxi driver will accept the call. This is being addressed. The next version of TABS will allow the customer to know how many taxis are nearby. Right now, the customer can cancel the booking, if no taxi driver responds within a waiting time.

We will be monitoring the situation and will make adjustment for TABS to work well for both customers and taxi drivers. TABS is free for customer - not counting the tip that they pay to the taxi driver. The taxi driver does not have to pay during the next 3 to 6 months, when this system is being developed, At a later date, the taxi driver has to pay a monthly fee. Those who join later will have to pay a registration fee as well.

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