Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exchange of views in this blog

In this blog. I wish to share my views on a variety of issues that are of interest to my readers, such as financial planning, investment and social issues.

I welcome readers to my blog to share their views, even if these views are different from my views. In doing so, there is no need for them to challenge my view, criticise my views or pass judgement on my views or character.

If they wish to ask me to explain my views, it is only polite that they give their actual names. If possible, they should also give some background to explain their reason. I do not like to "speak" to an anonymous person.

There are some people who dislike my views so strongly that they feel that it is justifiable to insult and attack me personally and they do so while remaining anonymous. I consider their behaviour to be despicable. There is a simple solution for people who dislike my views - they do not need to visit my blog.

I welcome the positive exchange of views from most readers of my blog and ask these people to bear with me as I deal with the harassment from some other people.


yujuan said...

Yes, some comments are despicably malicious, lack graciousness and seemingly coming from a low class background, or showing deliberate attempts to attack TKL's character and intellect out of personal intentions - should be rebutted or erased.
However, many comments which are contrary to TKL's are not without reason, and could not be construed as looking at things only negatively, and such comments are not impolitely posted.
Perhaps Mr. Tan should be less sensitive and jumpy.
See nothing wrong addressing TKL as Kin Lian, better to be less formal if done politely and without ill intentions, connect with people better.
Past association with the PAP may have ingrained a bit of the PAP DNA into Mr. Tan's mentality - like to listen to good things, less inclined to listen to contrary views and criticisms.
We are all learning, including this commentator, dun claim my seemingly prejudiced views are all correct.

Tan Kin Lian said...

@ yuyuan. You are normally helpful and positive. But there is no need for you to assess my character. Why not just focus on the issue at hand?

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