Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Bring tongkat ali into Singapore

Someone posted a remark that I should check if ICA allows a traveler to bring tongkat ali into Singapore.

I did not believe him, as there are people who like to create imaginary problems.

So, I posted a joke about being asked by ICA if I have any tongkat ali to declare.

I asked Google - am I allowed to bring tongkat ali into Singapore.

Google asked me to read this webpage,

It was not helpful. The website referred to the goods that are not allowed to be "imported". It did not explain what is "imported". If I carry a mobile phone, am I importing the mobile phone?

However, I did not see any mention of tongkat ali being in the list prohibited from being "imported".

I watched this video. It did not mention anything about declaring tongkat ali.


I finally checked this page which explains about bringing food into Singapore.

The tongkat ali cannot be considered as meat or fish or as fresh fruit and vegetable. So, I guess that it fits into the category of "processed food". I am allowed to bring 1 kg into Singapore.

So, if the imaginary customers officer had asked me "any tongkat ali to declare", my reply would be "yes sir, 100 gm".

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