Monday, October 08, 2018

Hacking of Super Micro computers by China?

Two computer security experts were discussing the implant of a chip in the Super Micro computers.

They said that this kind of hacking is very serious.

I asked them - what can the implanted chip actually do? How can the stolen data be sent out to the hacker?

They could not answer me, but they swore that it can be done.

I believe that the Bloomberg report is an exaggeration. Perhaps it is fake news with the target of causing concern about technology and manufacturing from China. It could be just a new way to create economic warfare.

I will be studying more report about what these implanted chips can do. In the meantime, I hold the view that the threat is exaggerated.…/analyst-downgrades-chipmaker-supe…

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Anonymous said...

I am just curious...
Who is this person you referring to? What Scam?
I did a google search on MAS and CAD, which I am not surprised that tons of scams pop up.

well, there are so many scams going around nowadays and every second there is a new scam created, so nothing new.

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