Wednesday, October 10, 2018


What is a mole?

1) Moles are very common, and most people have one or more. Moles are concentrations of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) in your skin. People with light skin tend to have more moles.

2) In espionage jargon, a mole (also called a "penetration agent", "deep cover agent", or "sleeper agent") is a long-term spy (espionage agent) who is recruited before having access to secret intelligence, subsequently managing to get into the target organization.

There are a few moles in my website. They comment often with the aim of undermining my views.

Sometimes they quote correct statistics to show a different perspective to my view. At other times, they quote bogus statistics to confuse my readers.

These moles usually do not have a proper photo of their identity.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Tan, we have choices in lives. We don't watch certain movies or read certain articles because we don't like them. We don't hear certain speeches from certain ministers because we don't like them. In your case, your admiralty comes from having the confidence to put out your views for the people even though you are not a specialise writer. As for moles , as long as they are not from your face you don't have to look at them.

Our lives are filled with losses, lose of jobs. lose of self-esteem, money , opportunities, mental and physical losses. Family and friends die. All these are much harder to handle than some moles out to make things to their benefit. If I were you, I'd treat them as dirt under my shoes?

Anonymous said...

some moles can be cancerous. I'm talking about body or face moles.

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