Sunday, October 07, 2018

DBS Bank suspend a credit card wrongly

Customer Service Manager
DBS Bank

Dear Derrick

Thank you for your reply.

Your bank has suspended my credit card due to a small payment of US $20.xx from a merchant that you deem to be suspicious. I was not able to take your call because I was overseas.

I wish to bring the following points to your attention.

1) Are you aware that a telephone call to the customer who is overseas will cause him to incur a high IDD charge? If the customer calls back, he will have to incur double of the charge, as he has to pay for his call and the receiving call?

2) Are you aware that suspending a credit card will cause recurring payments to fail, and that may cause a large financial loss in some instances.

3) I have made payment to this vendor before on the same credit card. What has happened to your CRM system? Are you not able to tell if the payment is from an existing vendor that has been approved previously?

Do not give me the "rubbish" that you are protecting the customer's interest by suspending the account. You are not. You can causing a lot of inconvenience and potential financial loss.

I suggest that you make the following change:

1) You can call the customer in case of a suspicious transaction.

2) If you fail to reach the customer, you should NOT suspend the credit card for small payments. Let the unauthorized payments accumulate to a larger sum (say $1,000) before you act. If you are really interested in taking care of your customer, your bank can afford to bear the small loss. It will not cause any dent in your billion dollar profits.

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