Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hold a referendum on section 377A

Desmond Lee said, "Our children have to decide what to do with section 377A".

I consider his response to be:

a) Kicking the can down the road
b) Avoiding responsibility.

What can the minister do?

He can hold a referendum. Allow the citizen to vote using SingPass. This referendum is optional. SingPass ensures that each person can vote only once.

I expect that only the people with strong views on this issue will cast their vote. Those who do not vote are probably happy to go with the majority.

I also expect that certain groups, who are strongly for or against the repeal of section 377A will organize their followers to cast their vote. This will be an excellent exercise in direct democracy.

It will be a good example of a govt that listen to the people.

How to keep the vote secret, when the voter has to register with their SingPass. I know a way.

My method will keep the vote secret, and will also ensure integrity of the votes. I do not need to use blockchain.

What is this way? The minister or Gov Tech can contact me for the answer.

So, minister Lee. Take the initiative. You have a chance to prove that you can do something that has a great impact on the future of this country.

Tan Kin Lian

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