Monday, October 22, 2018

Is the Changi Jewel target at passengers or the general public?

Will the Jewel in Changi be targeted at passengers or for the general public.

There is a logistic issue to be addressed.

If it is targeted at passengers, then the potential customers are the transit passengers and the inbound and outbound passengers. In that case, the general public will not be able to visit the Jewel.

It could be a disaster. Many transit passengers do not have much time to visit the Jewel. The outbound passengers are allowed to check-in only two hours before the flight. They will not have much time to shop or to visit the Jewel.

The inbound passengers are likely to be in a hurry to return home or to go to the hotel. They may not be keen to spend time at the Jewel.

If the Jewel is targeted at the general public, it will be placed outside of the immigration checkpoint. This means that the transit passengers have to go through immigration clearance to visit the Jewel and then re-enter through immigration again. Maybe the second process can be streamlined, so that it is not tedious.

For the Jewel to be successful, it has to be targeted at the general public. Incoming passengers can pass through the immigration clearance and visit the Jewel before proceeding home or to the hotel. Outgoing passengers can go to the airport early, spend time at the Jewel and then proceed to the check-in counter.

Which way will it be? Make your guess.

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