Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battle of the mind and the heart

Dear Sir,

I am writing this e-mail in response to the statement: "It is not my interest or ambition to stand for election. If I do not get 100,000 signatures, I have the excuse to opt out - that this is a bad idea. I am willing to leave this to the voice of the people...."

Frankly, I do not agree with some of the things you have said and the way you have said them, and some of the things you did and the way you do them, but I believe what you are doing is for the sake of the Republic and her people and not for any personal gain or ambition.

From your statements, I can somehow sense that your mind is constantly asking you to opt out while your heart is begging you to take this course.

This further cement my views that you are doing this for the right reason and you strongly believe in serving the people of the Republic.

By giving you my support and my signature, I am also taking away your option (1/100,000) to opt out and to take your views and strengths to a bigger stage and platform where you have the power to do more for the people you care so much for.

I would like to further suggest that you consider writing a Manifesto to set out your strategic direction and outlines of any prospective legislation changes you would like to bring about if you are elected to public office and why you would like to change them.

Best Regards


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Anonymous said...


Start planning now and try to gather supports from your friends to form a good party.
For a start,try to get into the parliament through your own effort and don't accept any NMP seat.
We hope to see you and your team in the parliament in the coming election which I think is near.

Best Regards,


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