Monday, November 24, 2008

Morgan Stanley website on Pinnacle Notes

Dear Mr. Tan,

I was trying to find out more about Pinnacle Notes by entering the Morgan Stanley website. Lo and behold, we need to sign in agreeing to all the terms before I can view any information at the FRONT PAGE.

Can you ask MAS
[1] Is this the right practice?
[2] Is this morally right practice?
[3] Is this trying to reduce information flow to investor?
[4] I thought the Pinnacle is selling to "public" through retail network, but information sudden becomes only to privy. Is this infringing the basis of sale of Pinnacle Notes?
[5] Can MAS conduct an investigation on this type of practice to restrict information to investors?

This has been the darkest moment for my wife and myself. Frankly, the hopelessness is not due to the loss of money (altough it is a lot of money) but the loss of confidence in the system.


Please write directly to ask MAS. I will post your e-mail in my blog also.


Anonymous said...

document this blogs and Curse them.
Allow our next generation to remember, we trust No American Bankers anymore.
Exporting TOXIC CDOs...that kills us indirectly..

Anonymous said...

Except for Q5
which i cannot speak on behalf (not that I cannot provide a reply)

The rest are Yes.

Anonymous said...

Why is a country that is worth Zillions reluctant to come down hard on puny American investment banks worth only billions.

Wake up. These US "has beens" have no more clout in the future. Write them off and throw the book at them.

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