Sunday, November 23, 2008

Manifesto - the future of Singapore

KC asked me to write a manifesto of what I want to do, if I get into public office. My views are already reflected in several postings in my blog. They cover moral values, economic and social issues, etc.

I like to invite other readers to post your views about what you like to see regarding the future of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

1. Help the poor and under-privilege in their daily living standard.

2.Reduce the public transports fares,if possible.

3.Help the retirees to pay for their hospital expenses.

4.Help the poor working class families by assisting grants for their children education and pocket monies.\

5.Make lives for the industries less stressful.Don't always say that Singapore must achieve No.1 in position,this has a price to pay for by the citizen.

6.A more democratic society.


Daniel Ling said...


1) Does High Pay justify the Talent?

2) Transperency, for eg: Wat they do with SC funds. I'm sure there's more things tat can be transparent without puting our Nation's Security in danger.

3) Public Transport Price Control (Price Hike without proper Justification for eg: Bus Effeniency measured by Wat Time it Leaves)

4) Private Vehicle COE Control (Too Much)

5) I'm sure there's much more issues. =D

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the policies makers be more caring with love to our people.
*be care of needy and disable people.
* To see the staffs/volunteers and social workers in the CDC/CCC/RC are more understaing those needy people who approach them for help.
*To see MPs will do home visitation more offen especially for thos poor and needy families.
*To see more open in speaking at the Forum and newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The price of public housing is getting ridiculously high. This is one area that can be controlled by the gahmen. They are also not transparent in how they arrived at such high price, always trying to use "market subsidy" to justify it. This is one area that affect many Singaporeans marriage, setting up a family and retirement savings.
This is also one area that had worsened in its social objective. Inevitably it affects many areas that contributes to the high cost of living.
This is one area that that needs to be gradually fixed.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT let any Stat Board implement rules before comprehensively gather feedback from the Public and discussing it in the open. This may take a longer time but I am sure the pple will be happier. For eg, the LTA has extended bus lanes to the heartlands such as Simei and Bkt Panjang resulting in unnecessary more traffic jam. They also have caused Chinatown to become GhostTown.

Learning said...

If you are elected, please help to:

1. Help the state secure control of utilities firm and transport firms, using their profits to partly fund the retirement of Singaporeans (I believe my fellow country men would then not be so apprehensive about higher fares)as the population ages fast.

2. Have more transparency in the KPIs of each gahmen bodies. Eg. Stats board so that their performance can be evaluated fairly by all Singaporeans.

3. Have people who actually lives in HDB flats to set housing policies, people who avtually take public transport to set transport policies, etc.

4. NOT fine people who sleep on park benches but instead send counselors to ask them if they need housing or other help.

5. Have a more balanced mainstream media view and not use statistics to manipulate views. Eg. 4 in 10 commuters will pay less fares = 6 in 10 commuters will pay MORE.

6. Ban the weird thing call "party whip" as everyone is entitled to their own opinion in order for the country's best interest to be served.

7. Remind MM, SM, PM, MPs that they are public servants and here to SERVE. If anyone thinks that they can get a better paying job in the private sector, please graciously let them go. Because serving the public requires a HEART and not just fat bank accounts as motivation.

8. To set policies with the ground-up people-first principle. Cause even without world class airports, F1 races, 1st class economy, so that this place can still be call Singapore because it takes care of all Singaporeans.

9. Please do not run Singapore like Singapore Inc. This is not a company, but a country. A company is concern about growth an profits 1st. A country is concerned about its people 1st.

10. Help younger Singaporeans see their CPF monies in REAL cash and not some figure in some statement by the time they grow old.

Thanks for reading and hope I didn't irritate you by my many "requests". But thats what I hope and envision Singapore to be like.

A Singaporean born in 1982.

Anonymous said...

1. Implement pay cuts for ministers or senior government officers across the board, or else selectively according to performance. Alternatively, reduce the number of senior posts in the government. If private sector including banks are doing that, why can't we do that for the dozens of chiakliaobees in parliament.

2. Ask government bodies to be more sincere. The public can forgive them if they are sincere but not if they tell lies. Case in point: to solve the jammed packed MRT trains they removed large number of seats. But the officials said it is to make those people standing more comfortable or something like that, they denied that it was to solve the jammed packed train system. What's the problem with them i dont know.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see:
1. Equal opportunity for able and disable person.
2. Narrow the wealth gap.
3. Transparency in public fund.
4. Less focus on the elite group.
5. More affordable medical cost for the retiree and low income earner.
6. Graciousness among people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Tan,

What I don't like to see in the present team is the propaganda in getting the job done.
Is like parrots borrowing words from humans and later on speak it out without feeling.
Perhaps if you are elected,you must br true to yourself first then set out policies that would really benefit the elderly,poor and needy kids.
I hv confidence in you and your team,good luck.


Anonymous said...

I am humble. I only ask for one item.


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