Sunday, November 23, 2008

Investors to see your Member of Parliament

I have sent the following message to the investors to meet their Member of Parliament in a group.

Some investors said that they have met their MP earlier, and their MP have not acted. You should see the MP again, and again.

It is the duty of the MP to look after your interest. As many people are affected, you should continue to see your MP - until the MP has taken the appropriate action.

All the best!

Dear Friends,
I suggest that you should contact the other investors in your constituency and arrange to see your Member of Parliament at the Meet-the-People session. Tell your MP about how you were misled into investing in the credit linked notes. Let the MP know about this matter for the victims directly. Ask your MP to take up the matter in Parliament or with MAS.

You can get information about your MP from this website:

The investors in your postal sector are shown in the attached Excel spreadsheet. I hope that a few of you can take the lead to contact the other investors and organise the visit to see your MP.


Anonymous said...

Can someone feedback about their MP session

What happen during

More imptly, what happen after

Well after.

Anonymous said...

My MP had brought up the issue in the parliarment sitting and had also submitted my letter to MAS asking MAS to investigate the case of mis-selling by the FI . MAS had replied to me and as expected advised me to meet up with the FI and the subsequent steps of complaining to FIDREC if I am not satisfy with the FI settlement. So far to what I know , MAS had instructed all FIs to interview investors who had written to them(FI)using a standard form . Someone whom I know had already been told by the FI that there will be no compensation.
I am a not seeing much result so far. MAS had been turning down meeting with group of investors , and even Mr Tan request for meeting. The FIs had also been turning down open foum with investor groups. What shall we do next? Class action?

Anonymous said...

"Someone whom I know had already been told by the FI that there will be no compensation."

Yes thats more less the message i am getting from all channels.

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