Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stolen identity

There are many ways that a thief can steal and use your personal identity to open credit card or access private information.

Some people in the internet pretend to be somebody else. They are also thieves and, if caught, can be prosecuted as thieves.

Some people hide behind a fictitious name and attack other people, including defamation. These people are commiting a crime and a civil offence. I hope that these people are aware about the legal consequences.


siewkhim said...

Kin Lian,

Making a true statement is not an attack or defamation. I did not publish my comments on you but it is for your approval to publish them as you deem fit. The comment is one to one and no third party is involved.

Further all my comments are the truth as I did not bring in new issues into it.

If you are unable to accept the truth please say so. I thought you are prepared to accept hard fact comments!

A number of life insurers' investment portfolio would be trashed by the recent financial meltdown. A number of investment-linked policies would have lost their value substantially and there would not be sufficient unit values to cover the protection charges to keep these policies in force. Many of these insurers would called for top-ups or increase in premiums. There is going to be another wave of public resentment.

Bonus on participating policies both terminal and reversionary would be cut. There is going to be another wave of public resentment.

With all these potential public resentment scenarios, are you going to take up the matter as the saviour for the unfortunate policyholders?

Anonymous said...

90% of us here leave unverified statements on FI and RMs, eg, they are out to cheat us etc. Are we open to be sued as well?

Everlearning said...

Siew Khim, when a handful of us voiced up not in favour of the bonus cut, we based on the reason that we did not want NTUC to participate investments in higher risk, thus reducing our yearly bonus.

If our returns are reduced now because NTUC participated in risky or ridiculous investments and thus affecting the special bonus rate, then it shows the incompetence of NTUC management team. With this financial meltdown, it has proven the point that we wanted to bring across to them this fact, although we failed to do so.

We are not immature enough to expect our portfolios with any insurance companies or financial institutions to be positive due to the current economic crisis. Adding on to that, we don't protest for the sake of protesting.

Anonymous said...

Ninny Siew Khim,

Why do you keep writing nonsense and irrelevant comments in this blog ? Nobody will say you are dumb if you don't open your big mouth !
If you have nothing better else to do, go to Speakers' Corner on Sat. and help to distribute the forms and be of some use to society instead of behaving like a pest !!

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