Sunday, November 02, 2008

Upset investor share bad experience with bank

Mdm Ng speaks at Hong Lim:


Anonymous said...

I agree witn her. Our transport and health ministers are good. Our finance minister not very good, he should put a stop to those dubious investment products.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. this woman is good.
Entertaining but educating.

Anonymous said...

DBS announced that it had 4,700 customers who invested a total of S$360mm in structured products with Lehman Brothers as a reference entity. There is alot of publicity around the high notes series. What is the status regarding the Global 10 CLNs -- is the bank investigating cases where the product was missold? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great speech by Mdm. Ng !

We now know that the 3 letter word 'DBS' stands for :
Devious BanKdits Swindlers ...

Anonymous said...

The video no longer available. It has been removed!! Who did and why?

Tan Kin Lian said...

1:08 PM
I checked and found the video is still available.

Unknown said...

This is how the ground feels. Overwhelming evidence exist that the FI's have been misselling toxic/highly risky products as safe products. Now they are trying to push the blame on the investors and their own RM's, trained by themselves! Are they going to do 'the right thing' - whatever that means? DBS can easily afford $104 m with profits of $2 billion per year! Is the bad publicity and consequent loss in business verses the goodwill and gain in trust by present and future clients not influencing their decisions?

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand

and if i am common man, then imagine how the higher ups officials and executives will read this

Heres a woman obviously with non-detrimental linguistic and judgmental abilities, standing up on top of a slight grass knoll, proclaiming in a loud voice shes been cheated

Yet couldnt she have taken this same time AND devotion to go through in minute details the very documents and articles that she was provided with BEFORE SIGNING OVER.

Again, what I dont understand is how can a grown person consume something that he or she proclaim NOT to see, end up in the hospital and decide to sue the eatery for serving her food she DIDNT order BUT INGESTED. (and she signed the checkout.)

Just doesnt make sense, doesnt it

Anonymous said...

To 5:18PM

Are you Siew Khim ??? You sound just like him ! Don't understand and what to make stupid comments.

We advise you to do your homeword first before you open your mouth, else you only disgrace yourself here !

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