Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ranking of Nanyang Technological University

Survey: If you have any views about the reason for the drop in ranking, please reply in this survey.

Dear Mr. Tan
Would you like to conduct a survey on NTU’s dramatic drop in university ranking? The following questions may be asked.
1) Who caused the dramatic drop in ranking
a) The management
b) The academic staff
c) The non-academic staff
d) The students

2) What can be done about it?

According to the newspaper report, the drop in ranking is due to the change in criteria. Perhaps, there are some internal factors in the university that may account for the ranking. Let me invite views from readers of my blog.


Unknown said...

Such rankins always have to be read and interpreted carefully. What are the criteria that were used, who evaluated them, etc.

Such a big drop may appear as a big shock for many (and some even misuse it for their own agenda), but in the end all it probably says is that under this new evaluation with a focus on different criteria, NTU compares worse with other universities before.
This does not mean that NTU's quality has dropped.

JRT said...

All these rankings are just a waste of time, and have missed the point

A student can score good grades and graduate from a prestigious university. He may stand a good chance at landing his first job or next, but how the student is going to progress in his job or career is dependent on other factors thereon...nothing much to do with the grades and degree

Most Singaporean parents pursue their children education blindly, with the stereotyped thinking that good grades = good job = good pay. This is not so true anymore. I hope this mindless ranking exercise does not affect them too much.

Personally, what an university education should achieve is to impart the students with critical thinking skill, ability to handle stress and technical skills. Our university seems to churn out pretty good managers who are often Yes men waiting for instructions or directions from the top. Our universities does not seem to produce thinking individuals who are the leaders, entrepreneurs.

Sadly, S'pore invites "foreign talents" who sits on the high management. That was ok as it creates more jobs for our university products who often are Yes manager. Now S'pore imports another creed of "foreign talents" to directly compete (and thereby depress the wages) of these university Yes manager. If our university can revamp and produce more leaders, more entrepeurs, more thinking individuals over the academic driven graduates, then i believe the future will be bright for the graduates

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