Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rebuild the trust in life insurance companies

Dear Mr. Tan,
Are you afraid about offending the insurance companies and their agents by talking about life insurance policies that take away too much of the savings? I know that certain people are monitoring your blog.

I intend that the messages in my blog go to the top managers and agents of the life insurance companies. I hope that they will be educated about the fine line between making an honest profit and cheating their policyholders. If they know the difference, perhaps they will introduce new insurance plans that give a better deal to their policyholders, rather than surreptitiously take away too much. It is important that life insurance companies uphold the image that they can be trusted to take care of their policyholders.


hosingping said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you for your continuous teaching of life insurance to make us aware.

previously i have taken up investment link and have since terminate this year, despite i have made the loss rather than loss even more as the year goes by.

zhummmeng said...

There is no turning back for the insurance companies and the agents. They cannot admit the wrong they committed now.They have to continue with the wrong doing. It is a bomb ticking away and once if it explodes it will be far worse than the Lehman Brothers and the sub prime saga.It will come. The Armageddon is inevitable.

Unknown said...

If Govt does not see the issue and if even NTUC is also having such insurance policy for the public then I do not see any bright future to have honest insurance policy for the public. You could see that even CPF Life is not attractive coming from Govt.
Unless people like Mr. Tan and other alike people in this industry setup another insurance company to compete and be transparant to earn an honest profit.

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