Monday, September 27, 2010

Train announcements

The SMRT has introduced a jingle to announce the arrival of a train. It goes "training is coming ...." in a musical way. This is well done.

I have taken the NEL on a few occasions. There was an announcement at some platform, "The happy, happy platform ..... ". I was puzzled at this announcement. I heard it more than 1 dozen times and still cannot catch the words and message. It is a bad announcement. Does anyone know what is the message?


Parka said...

For me it's the other way, I thought it was irritating. Refreshing, yes, but only for a day or two.

The message isn't really helpful to passengers, particularly train passengers, who can already see and hear the train coming.

It will be more useful at bus stops. I've seen countless time people miss the bus because they aren't aware of their arrival.

michael13 said...

The SMRT or the Public buses should introduce the voice messages in 'telling the young passengers to give their seats' to old passengers, the handicaps and the pregnant ladies, etc.. In China, many Public transport/buses are very strong in this kind of social education. In Singapore, our social behaviour is fast deteriorating. The big rapid influx of immigrants make the situation worse. People are not integrating well. This government emphasized too much on GDP growth and neglected the social and environmental progress for the past ten(10) years. On living environment especially the HDB estates, I do not think Singapore is as clean and neat as it was in the year of 2000. One only have to walk around to find out the present true state of our cleanliness.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I am still waiting for an explanation of the strange announcement on the NEL line? Anyone knows what it means?

Unknown said...

maybe it's this

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