Monday, September 27, 2010

SIA Bond - no mention of maturity date

Dear Mr. Tan
The two advertisements I saw, one in Sunday ST and one in today's TODAY, did not state the maturity of the bond.  I read somewhere that it is maturing in Sep/Oct 2015.  I tried googling and found a few articles relating to the issuance and the two online reports I read did not mention maturity at all.

Perhaps you can ask for the prospectus as a potential investor? It should have been stated in the document. Try to see it from the angle of an investor, i.e. whether the information is put in a format that an investor can understand easily.

I found the prospectus on MAS Opera. Maturity date is 30 Sep 2015. The prospectus is similar to other prospectus, it's 113 pages and full of the usual financial and legal jargon.  I am used to reading these docs but find no joy reading it.  My point is why the full page adverts do not include bond mat date?  

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zhummmeng said...

If we have difficulty reading and understanding the documents why MAS think that investors can and and able to make informed decision.
Sometimes I wonder if MAS is protecting the sellers, the insurance companies, the banks and all issuers of financial instruments
and not the investors/consumers.

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