Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pressure seal letters

I dislike the pressure seal forms, e.g. the contract statements sent by SGX and account statements from CPF. I find it difficult to open the statements and usually end up tearing the statements badly, as shown here. I hope that there is a better way, e.g. to end a soft copy by e-mail.

The company that sends the letter finds it convenient, but the recipient finds it quite troublesome. It is call "passing the inconvenience to the next person".

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Vincent Sear said...

It's really bothersome unlike the traditional envlope and enclosed letter. Save paper? I don't think it saves much paper. However, the point of security machine printing and sealing without anyone else looking at it, I think I can and have to live with it, For example, once we remembered or change our PINs, they should be discarded. Once a stock trade is confirmed by monthly statement in traditional envelope, they can be discarded.

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