Thursday, November 16, 2006

Earn $30,000 more by investing through NTUC Income

I gave our FAQ on the Ideal plan to many young people. I explained the following:

- you can save $200 a month for the next 30 years

- you should invest the savings in a large, well diversified fund to get an attractive return, expected to be 6% per annum (not guaranteed)

- you can invest with NTUC Income or with any other insurance company.

- if you invest with NTUC Income, you can earn $30,000 more.

The reason? The other company take away about $1,000 more from your yield yearly to pay higher commission to their agents, and to make profit for the company. NTUC Income keeps this money for you. Over 30 years, you can get $30,000 more.

Many people were surprised that there is such a big difference. They decided to save and invest with NTUC Income.

Ideal plan

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