Friday, November 17, 2006

What is the financial stability of NTUC Income?

Dear Mr Tan,

I am a policy holder with NTUC. Although my policy is just a small amount, I like to find out about the stability of NTUC in view of further business with NTUC.

I understant that NTUC is a cooperative. What do you mean by that, compared to the other insurers and investments companies? Does it also mean the government is linked to NTUC and they will bill NTUC out in the event of financial crisis?



Dear AN

Please read about our corporate profile at:

Corporate Profile

NTUC Income is rated AA by Standard & Poors. This is the strongest financial rating among all insurance companies in Asia. There must be a few thousand companies in this category.

We are NOT owned by the government. We do not need the government to bail us out in the event of a financial crisis.

With our strong financial rating, we will be able to face any financial crisis better than most other insurance companies, including those that are owned by multi-national companies.

Do you need me to introduce an adviser or consultant to talk to you?

Tan Kin Lian

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