Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A struggle to set up a new stall

A new stall opened in Midview City Cafe selling Western food. There was no queue in front of this stall. The other stalls have long queues.

I decided to to patronize the new stall. I ordered chicken cutlet.
After my order, a few other customers came to place their orders, but the number is small.

After the meal, I went to the cashier. "Your chicken cutlet is very tasty. Well done!"

She was delighted to receive the compliment. We had a short and nice chat. I hope that they will do well.

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Vincent Choy said...

It would be good if she does some promotion activities to drive business to her stall.

I have found that it is the same for some people in other areas of business.

For example, have a website, facebook page..etc and hope people drop in. Rent a stall at a trade show at significant expense and expect people to step in. They need to figure out how to get people to come.

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