Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Unsatisfactory Return Process for Lazada e-commerce website

I find the Lazada e-commerce website to be well designed.  However, their return process is terrible.

I bought an "Electric Cordless Drill". I received a battery operated drill. The compartment containing the drill bits was badly designed. I found it difficult to open it.

I went to the Lazada website to look for the process to return the item. Here are some difficulties.

a) They do not provide any person that I could talk to.
b) They asked me to fill in a complicated form, asking for more information than is necessary.
c) I asked me to provide some images of the product.

After uploading the webform, I received a message that someone will call me to pick up the item. It never happened. A few days passed.

There was nobody that I could talk to. I had to fill in another webform and repeat the tedious steps.

Someone sent me an email to ask for more information about the defective product. The staff came back and said that the item was properly described as powered by 3 batteries and the return guarantee does not apply.

This is a typical reply - to avoid responsibility. It is a common culture in Singapore. I had to point out that it was described as "Electric Drill" and there was a badly designed compartment. I did not get any reply.

I wasted several hours on this process. It is a bad practice of Lazada. 

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