Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Difficult to set up OneKey

Rex Hsu said:

It is a nightmare setting up 2FA for Singpass. I don't understand why it is so complicated. When OCBC bank and UOB introduced 2FA it was extremely simple. For many years already i use their 2FA tied to my phone, no problem.

One major problem of this Singpass 2FA process is that they introduce a term "service provider" in their website which utterly confused me. When you clicked to activate, they bring you to a site called OneKey. The instructions in there are really messy asking you to make a lot of decisions for questions you don't even understand.

Also some years ago I received a token device from god know where, labelled OneKey. It was supposed to get rid of individual tokens from various banks but programming it was so complicated that I gave up.

I don't understand why this OneKey company get involved in the Singpass 2Fa setup. They already messed up the previous job of consolidation of tokens. Why are they involved  in Singpass 2FA?.

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