Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rectify defects promptly

I checked the MyTransport.sg (LTA app) for the bus arrival time for 162. It showed the next bus arriving after 19 min and the following after 35 mins. I suspect that the actual interval should be 16 mins, and that one bus will arrive after 3 mins. This bus probably has a faulty tracking device.

I was right. It arrived after 6 mins.

I suspect that the people in SBS Transit or LTA probably did not monitor these faulty tracking devices. It is quite sad that the device could have been faulty for a long time (this is just my guess) without anybody paying attention.

We need to have a culture of paying attention to defects and rectifying them promptly!

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juz said...

Try downloading this app: "SG NextBus". I find the timings to be quite accurate.

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