Saturday, April 30, 2016

It is possible to get a good job without a university degree

I bought a Dell XPS 13 laptop. It had a faulty motherboard. Dell sent an engineer to my office to replace it. I spoke to the engineer.

TKL - Did you go to the polytechnic or university?
Engineer - I did not. I did not reach that level.
TKL - You are quite experienced in your work. How long have you been doing this job?
Engineer - Four years.
TKL - Are you paid more than $3,000 now?
Engineer - Not that much. But more than $2,000.
TKL - Are you employed by Dell?
Enginner - I work for a subcontractor to Dell.
TKL - How long did Dell train you on this laptop?
Engineer - Just two days. I was quite familiar because I had 4 years of experience in the PC support.

It was quite complicated to replace the laptop motherboard. There were several dozen screws and connectors to be taken out and put back. He did the work well and tested the laptop thoroughly.

I showed another laptop to him. He tested it and diagnosed that the screen had failed. I had to send it to a repair shop that had the parts.

This engineer is an example of a young person who did not go for further studies but had gained useful knowledge and experience in a field that will be in good demand. He is fairly well paid, compared to a fresh, inexperienced graduate. Instead of going to university, he has found another route to a successful career.

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Yujuan said...

Someone once said, it depends on whether the young person wants to be an entrepreneur later in life. If wanna go into business, dun go for further tertiary studies, the more educated you are, the more timid to take risks in the cut throat business world.
If wanna play safe and work for others, then have to get a tertiary cert sooner or later to climb Corporate ladder. But when middle age strikes you, most probably you would be unceremoniously dumped in favor of younger and cheaper employees, or retrenched when your boss wanna move out to cheaper destinations to cut costs.
Motto here, always aim to be your own boss while working for others,
ditch the loyalty mentality to boss, business cycle is getting shorter by the year. Loyalty is as dead as the dodo.

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