Friday, April 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders will continue to pursue his bigger goal

I met a friend in Jakarta. He also follows the US presidential campaign closely.

Friend -  does Bernie Sanders till have a chance to win the presidency?

TKL - this chance is very slim. However, he will still continue to campaign as he wants to give the voters in every state the chance to vote for the campaign that they support. Being president is one of his goal, but it is not the most important one.

His bigger goal is to let the people of America know about his issues that affect the American people - the disappearance of the middle class, a corrupt campaign finance system, a rigged economy, grotesque level of income inequality, disastrous trade policies, broken criminal justice system and his measures to overcome them - Medicare for All, minimum wage of $15 per hour, tuition free college education, etc.

He has achieved this goal magnificently well. In fact, in states with open primary, he was able to win over 70% of the votes, such as Washington and Alaska. In the states with closed primary, most of his supporters, such as young voters, first time voters and independents were not allowed to vote. That is why he lost in these states.

The issues that he had raised will play an important part in the general election between the presumptive candidates, i.e. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both of these candidates will have to move closer to Sander's position to win the popular vote.

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