Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nearly 3,000 visits on Tues 6 May

The average visitors to my blog used to be 850 per day. The vistiors jumped to 2335 on Mon 5 May and to 2929 on Tues 6 May. This is three times of the average visitors. It seems that the bonus cut of NTUC Income is bringing many people to my blog.

In 3 weeks time, after the annual general meeting of NTUC Income, I expect my blog to revert to the quieter days.


Anonymous said...

I hope people continue to read and self-educate. I've learned many useful things about insurance from your blog, and hope the rest of Sgp can too.

Anonymous said...

I navigate to your blog from TOC actually, but my family members did buy some insurance products from NTUC and the bonus cut is of interest to me. TOC is now almost like an alternative news site for me and provide links to many other interesting sites as well.

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