Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Saving for a child's education

Hi Mr Tan,
I would like to seek your advice. Based on your years of experience in this industry, do you know of any insurance policy I can purchase for my twins who were born at 25 weeks?

If there is, how can I benefit from such policy as the parent? (e.g. When they turn 21 years old, I can also take it out and gain from the lower premiums paid for kids policies etc.)

They are both 1.5 years old now and growing healthy like any other kids (my younger kid has a certain malfunction but was operated successfully and growing like a normal child now)

I really don't understand why X rejected our application...(but one of my HR colleagues under the Benefits Section asked me to check out Y for congenital coverage).

Looking forward to your advice.

I hope that this FAQ will help you to make the best decision for your twins:

You can buy Medishield (from CPF) to cover their hospital expenses.

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