Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tan Kin Lian eyes elected presidency

This is the headline of an article in the Sunday Times.

The front page has the following message: "Im game to be elected president or member of parliament if people wants me" Tan Kin Lian now opens up on his political ambition.

My "political ambition" has been summarised in this posting in my blog on 2 November 2008:

It is also reflected in the article written by Nur Dianah Suhaimi. It reflects my views quite fairly. The headline is an exaggeration and gives a distorted angle.

My friend said that the article may backfire on me. My supporters may not be able to get 100,000 signatures. Why not ask for 50,000?

I told my friend, "It is not my interest or ambition to stand for election. If I do not get 100,000 signatures, I have the excuse to opt out - that this is a bad idea." I am willing to leave this to the voice of the people.


Anonymous said...

I support your political ambition.

Victor Foo said...

Kin Lian. You have mine and many other peoples' support.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

If there is such a petition, I will support you. But in my opinion, it is not a good idea to be involved in politics. What's more, the election of president is beyond the votes of common people.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

No problem with me. You will get my vote if you stand for any public office.

If not, I may have to choose some scholars or high flyers who I do not know much or has no profile to public causes and issues and may even be reluctant ones.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

For the sake of our nation and our next generations, you should stand for next presidential election.

Chen Rui

Monsoon said...

Singaporean are very rarely offered a viable alternative to our current regime, the road ahead is long but there is some hope for changes. If we do not seize the opportunity now to support Mr Tan now, we can only blame ourselve and accept what the regime will continue to dish out to us, for better or for worst.

The current regime is not all bad, there are many positive things they have done for the country but we want those obviously wrong and negative aspect of the regime to be corrected which cannot be corrected unless there is a strong opposition or alternative parties.

What prevent us from taking a decision to support changes? For too long, we are too afraid, too submissive, too fatalistic. Our current regime knows we will continue to be like this.

Changes is unlikely unless we have a sufficient number of people wanting to change. 100,000 is a good indication. Count me in among your first, so you have another 99,999 to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe you will make a good President. The current President is too docile and not like our feisty Mr.Ong Teng Cheong, a responsible man who dare to raise sensitive question. He lives in our heart.

hongjun said...

The main problem with the Singapore government is they are becoming more and more not for-people.

Since you lived in YCK, why not go for Ang Mo Kio YCK?


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, go for it. You have my vote and many other pple. Why not start collecting the signature immediately.

Let me know where is the web address to sign!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,
I am very glad that the media gave publicity to your intention to hold public office even if it is an exaggeration or a distortion by the media. This will jolt those high in the pedestal who have been taking the electorate for granted that the ground is not sweet. You have proven yourself to stand up for the people in time of need where they need strong representation to fight against establishments that have misled them to loose their life saving.Definitely I will not vote again for those who have no backbone or moral courage to even address the issue in parliament for those they are suppose to represent. I am sure you will have many supporters including non-misled investor on the fringe who have seen what you have done. You definitely have my vote. My eyes and that of many others are "wide open" now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tan,

I support you. You will get my vote if you stand for any public office.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Wisdom and gut of justic should be the essential factors for a man to be elected as a leader. I am glad to hear that you are ready to stand up to be the voice of the public in the parliament, though it would be a very-very tough task, but if it success, I believe those in wish for a simple and peaceful life citizens will sure get the benefits and be well protected from any 'commercial fraud'. This land has been too 'commercial' which full of 'traps'. Can we still lead a carefree simple life here?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

I am sure that I will support you!


Anonymous said...

Yup i support you all the way!

why not get a web petition easier to collect more votes!

ys-lai said...

Dear Mr Tan,

You have my support.

We need a creditable president candidate dare to raise his disagreement with present government. You will be an ideal replacement for our beloved Mr. Ong Teng chong that we missed.

Pls let us known if you need any help for signature campaign; you can count me in.

Jon said...

It's a gambit.

The emphasis on elected office has been on Qualifications. What has been glaringly missing are Values. In such an environment, people focus on what they can do, not what they should do. This is one of the lynch points that led to the present day crisis in establishments like AIG, Citi, Lehman Bros.

My belief is that any country need people with brains and heart. This is the best way to bring about a Renaissance in Singapore that will propel it into the 21st century and beyond.

Let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

Our current President looks so tire, let him have time to rest. Let's have a new refreshed President. Mr. Tan, u have my support.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan

I agree with you on PAP losing touch with the ground. Ruling a country with statistical figures, charts make these people cold and insensitive to both domestic and business community.

In times of national crisis like M Selamat's escape, collapse of high risk investments, recession, unemployment, mismanagement of town council funds etc, the PAP again resort to pulling out their usual statistics and 'I-have-nothing-to do-with-it' style of silly justifications.

They are always so defensive when they are put into scrutiny.

To have concentrated power on one system that keep thinking itself as the center of the universe is a high risk investment.

No amount of change with the same system can ever change the spots on the leopard skin. It's still ultimately wear the same old untainted white shirts and white pants.

You therefore have the support from me as the next Singapore ELECTED President

Anonymous said...

When you are president, many things you cannot as Head of State.

1. You cannot offence USA- The original of L.Bros Toxic CDOs Factory.
2. You are not allowed to have public blog, cannot talk too much.
3. ....aiyoo another 100 things you cannot do.


Epilogos said...

As an MP, you can speak more freely. There may be too many protocols surrounding a President that it will stifle you.

Go for MP'ship. You have my support.

siewkhim said...

Kin Lian,


Let us be realistic. The elected Presidency is meant to be an election of a powerful few who want that president. Before the election these powerful few have an idea who in a list of 2-3 nominees should be president. Somehow in the process people like you and me will never get elected unless you are the selected nominees.


To be nominated MP, the powerful few must nominate you. Otherwise forget it if you are not.
To be an opposition could be dangerous because if you present yourself as a potential formidable foe, you will be nip in the bud. History has shown this.

So I think what has appeared in the newspaper today is going to backfire on you.

I would suggest you do it quietly and take your enemy by surprise and not announced your intention.

Who know by now they would be planning to find ways and means to embarass you, destroy your credibility and maybe sue you for defamation or find some skeleton while you were in Income and charge you some criminal activities.Proven or not is unimportant but the idea is to send you a message - don't try to mess up with me.

Kin Lian you are man with a good heart. I suggest you keep cool and focus on the job on helping the victims of the FIs' toxic products.

Anonymous said...

Do go for the EP,and my friends and I will vote for U.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! We have not had any chance of truly electing our president.
start collecting the signatures now.

Anonymous said...

1. as a non-car owner,why are taxis being charged ERPs when the objective is for users to switch from cars to Public transport
2. why do we have to pay for calling a cab? we are actually giving them business by calling them. Also, they will not need to drive around, waste diesel and pollute the environment. do the europe way.
3. why are we still paying radio/tv license in the 21st century?

if you will voice/champion these issues, i'll support you for President!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

The following is a url to an old disucssion in YPAP.

It describes how they destroyed an unsanctioned presidential canidate. His name was Andrew Kuan and he was formerly CFO of JTC.

Bascially they got all his ex-colleagues to make statements to the press of how he was incompetent, underperformed etc.

He was subsequently disqualified from running.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

In the role of an alternative party, you'll have more potential to effect change directly from the parliamentary level.

I have full faith that once you announce your goal to run for political office, other righteous, talented and patriotic Singaporeans will join or support you.

If you become an Elected President, your voice might be severely curtailed.

An Elected President is encumbered by his clearly defined advisory duties and ceremonial responsibilities.

Our society will then stand to lose a champion who will/can speak out for the rights of the common man.

I sincerely hope that you would consider running as a MP rather than an elected President.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


We need a man like you to be our Mr or President of Singapore.
Perhaps you can be the MP of Bt Batok first.Later you can via for President of Singapore,wish you good luck,Mr.Tan.

A Hawker in Bt Batok Central

Anonymous said...

Why not go a step further - set up a political party? I am sure you have what it takes to attract and lead good people (read NOT equivalent to scholars). One of the standard excuses that Singaporeans gave for not voting opposition is that the candidates are crappy and PAP ones are the lesser evil. Hope you can change the ballgame. Actually it will take more than just you. It is time to take your stand fellow Singaporeans. Life Upgrading, Main Upgrading, Interim-Upgrading, GST rebates etc should take a backseat if you want changes. Changes do not have legs, we will need to shoulder and carry it!

Anonymous said...

Go for it Mr Tan !
Obama will support you !

Anonymous said...

When & where to sign?

Anonymous said...

I will start the ball rolling.
Signature #1 and counting...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Tan,

My family members and I certainly would like to be part of the 100,000 to support your "political ambition". Is there a petition going on to gather these signatures and how do I get on to it?

Anonymous said...

You have my support.

Actually I was more interested in reading what Nur Dianah Suhaimi had wrote rather than the headlines. I feel its a brave and good article by her. Keep it up Nur Dianah Suhaimi. If you look at the picture, she is actually standing right in front of Tan Kin Lian with her notes.

Ministers pay caught my attention because of what happen to the big banks in USA which gave huge pay to their top management.

Anonymous said...

I support you 100% but
I can't find the petition!

Please put the link to the petition on the header of your blog, in bold, so that everyone can find it.

Go go go!

Anonymous said...

I will send this link

to family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, enemies, hot babes I met in MRT/SBS, strangers that bumped into me for their virtual signatures ;)

Anonymous said...

I support you going into local politics specifically going into opposition politics to have check and balance which is so much lacking in the current system.

I am not so sure about presidency though, my view is president doesnt do much, it may be a waste of your talent.

It is a good move also that you will wait to see support of 100K people before you embark on it.

So far, you have done all the right things. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan,

I always remember that many years ago, when you were still the CEO of NTUC, you have extended a helping hand to me and assisted me to resolve a particular difficult situation that I had with my brother’s insurance policy.

My brother is deaf and mute and I have purchased a life policy for him hoping that it would serve as some form of life long protection for him. On the contrary, he had disregarded my concern and good intention, and chose to take up loans on the policy repeatedly without my knowledge.

After several attempts to NTUC for their assistance, my pleas for help was either ignored or lost in the chains of bureaucracy. When I finally get a hold on my then insurance agent to assist me on the recourse, I was told that nothing can be done as the insurance policy was under my brother’s name, even though I was the one who has been paying for it. Unless I chose to terminate the policy which would basically stop him from taking any more loans, but that only mean I would loose all the money I have already invested in the policy, in addition to an end of protection for my brother.

Desperate, I wrote an email to you and was extremely elated and surprised when I received a response from you almost immediately. It never dawned on me that you would actually take the time to respond to my email, since I am basically a nonentity, and as the CEO of such as huge organization, I wouldn’t think that you would take the time and effort to help me out. Boy I was so very wrong!

Immediately, the legal department from NTUC contacted me to resolve the situation and my brother was prevented for taking up any further loans without my approval. This puts my months of agony to a stop and even till today, my brother’s policy is still in force and I am able to make the payment on his policy without any more hassle.

This episode left an indelible impression in my mind and when I saw on the news that you have stepped forward to advocate for the rights of the investors caught in the collapse of the Lehman Brothers-linked financial products, I feel greatly consoled knowing that they are definitely in good hands, but more importantly, I know this is just you, always doing the best you can to help other people, with no hidden agenda whatsoever.

I was truly saddened and infuriate, and felt a strong need to speak out against those who have questioned your motive. From this experience, I can personally vouch that you have touched my life in a big way, and have brought renewed hope in me towards mankind. Why must one be questioned and ridiculed for helping others? Why must one have a hidden agenda for helping other people? I can never comprehend that.

Singaporean definitely needs leaders who not only possess integrity and good character, but most importantly, are in tune to the ground – to the needs of the people and serve as a voice of the people and represents peoples’ aspiration and needs.

There is no better person I know who does a better job than you Mr Tan and would definitely be the first person to support you in the petition!

Thank you for touching my life in a big way and for everything you have done for us Singaporean. Keep up the good work and never give up! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan...i'm ready for change.

Anonymous said...

I am not clear of what the role of the president? Am I right to say that you will not be appointed by PAP to elect for this post?

I believe many people will support you if there is nothing concern about PAP. This is because people want to here the freely voices from Tan Kin Lian.

Yes, I visit this bolg because of Tan Kin Lian who is not connect with PAP.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan KL, Sir,

You definitely have my family's support.

Go for it and do it right.

Anonymous said...

If you think you are eligible to stand for Elected President, the rules of Elgibility may change before the Election. The certificate for elgibility to stand for Elected President can easily be changed by the 2/3 majority in the Constitution.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Tan

Today’s Sunday Times reported about your intention to run for the next Presidential Election. You said and I quote “I don’t need to be president”. I have enough money and lead a simple life” and yet you are asking for 100,000 signatories to support you.

As you may know, there have been talks that you are actually using those victimized investors as a front to promote your political ambition but you deny it. Even your blog raises many political issues. So do you really have such ambition or you don’t? This is important for your supporters to know who you really are: an ordinary citizen who just want to help the common folks or a man with high ambition to be the next President of Singapore?

Honestly, there is nothing wrong to be ambitious but it’s a different thing to say one thing but do another. A President needs to have integrity and good character and we can’t support you unless we know whether you fit the bill. Many who write in may not agree with me but I have my own independent view. You do give a list of virtues that define your character but until we know who you really are, we cannot risk our future with blinded eyes.

Thank you.

Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,

Go for the EP, I will vote for you.


Anonymous said...

It is high time to come clean with ALL your dirty secrets before PAP's propaganda machine spring to action. Better early then sorry.

Anonymous said...

>>Our current President looks so tire, let him have time to rest.

Agreed with a particular MP who wrote in his Chinese newspaper column...he "pity" our Prez shaking hands with 400+ people...we need CHANGE

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting your blog for the past few days. I don't know you but you seemed like a good man. I am willing to take a chance with you and I believe many others will too.

The voices that are suppose to represent us, I don't understand them anymore. You speak simply and from your heart. I feel that we are truely missing a Role Model here in sg. You can be our Obama.

Anonymous said...

So I am the only one with (virtual) balls. Sad ;(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When & where to sign?

1:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will start the ball rolling.
Signature #1 and counting...

1:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Dear Concerned citizen,

I am just curious do you know whoever the PAP candidate really are?! Maybe you are part of them ;) Vote for PAP - at least we know what they tricks they have inside their bags. I better don't take my chance with TKL. hahahha

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Tan,

Go for the Presidential seat! I will definitely support you with my vote. I believe you are qualified and represents the voice of common Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Can someone just teach Mr Tan how to set up a virtual poll station in his blog? This is probably too high-tech to him...

Anonymous said...

Where to sign?

Anonymous said...


I support you. Unfortunately, the climate of fear is still very real in Singapore. We are just too frightened to put our name, IC and phone number on the paper not knowing whether we will be "fixed" because of it.

Put up an anoymous petition and allow us to use a free email account, rest assure that you will have enough votes. You can make sure that the email accounts used are unique.

Many of us are ready for change. We are ready to be led by a true leader who really cares for the people.

Please sir, you have already taken the first step. Please follow through and give Singaporeans a fighting chance. Singapore needs to belong to Singaporeans again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I suggest all those who suuport Mr Tkl to print out, attach with a copy of today's ST article about Tkl, and start distributing througout singapore island.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, you will be surprised in the support that you will get, even finacially

Wealth Journey said...

I support your presidency as well.

Though to quell all doubts that you are in it for the money and to show you are really serious in reforming, may I asked that you made a commitment to review the compensation package.

A good way would be to made an announcement that you will peg your pay to the avg. pay of the G8 presidents and donate the rest to charity.

This definitely will garner more votes than imaginable.

Anonymous said... has set up a poll. I just voted Yes.

We need more of likes of Mr Tan Kin Lian, Mr Philip Yeo, Mr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Ngiam Tong Dow etc who have the ability, credibility and courage to step forward. Only difference is that Mr Tan has clearly expressed his intention. Unfortunately many of the older generation leaders are getting on with age. I have no issue with our leaders being well paid. But as one academic had previously said, there is a tipping point. Now I see a few as being over paid. My tipping point was reached when I see leaders loosing touch with the ground, lack of accountability vis a vis what they are being paid, close rank merely for the sake of party unity. The ruling elite have succeeded in promoting a culture of serving for money. And I wonder how many people who truely want to serve they have managed to attract. With very high premium placed on pay (money), once they get into their position, they become less likely to challenge in order to avoid losing a substantial source of income. Its human nature. I agree with our MM who had previously said that you can only find one Mother Teresa ie implying that it is difficult to find many people with altrustic motive who want to serve. But the risk of fat salaries have made the bulk the establishment sluggish, contented and loosing touch with the ground.

Anonymous said...

i 100% support you to stand for the next president of Singapore/ MP.

Unknown said...

To: Anonymous 2.10pm

Frankly, I make no bones about my concern for the country in this present crisis and I am neither pro nor anti-government. For all their imperfection, this government has somehow given many of us a better life than citizens of many other countries despite their long history. Saying that doesn’t mean that I side with them. In all honesty (this is one of Mr Tan’s virtue) and fairness, one has to be circumspect and not fail to see the big picture.

Yes, many affected investors think that the government is too slow in taking action and Mr Tan himself thinks likewise but one must not forget that this is a very tricky issue and they have to thread carefully without being seen to take side.

Mr Tan may be considering running for President which is very honourable but he must not be seen to be using this platform to further his political ambition as that would have proven his critics right.

As I have said before, majority of the citizens are now more worried of losing their job and ministers are hard working to find ways to mitigate impending job losses. Mr Tan, with his vast experience with labour could channel his energy towards helping these worried workers now that he has done what he could to help affected investors with petitions, rallies, etc.

While I do sympathize with these affected investors, my heart goes out to those who have or may soon lose their job.

I hope you are sensible enough to think through all these.

Concerned citizen.

Anonymous said...

1.48pm took so many words to say what the headline of the article said in one word - "game". I am disgusted with the cunning innuedo employed by the sub-editor ( or editor himself? ). But then this is to be expected from the States Times whose mission as their ex Chairman golden mountain used to boast is to report and inform to we all know whose benefit...

SingaSoft said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan
I have high respect for your work and would be happy to sign a petition, please do start up a petition quickly so that you can ride on the recent publicity.

Also, I would highly recommend contesting to be an MP rather than the President as our President has a role of a figurehead.

Anonymous said...

The way you conduct your 'politics' will be detrimental to the greater Singapore society. We do not need populist politicians. Rather admire what you stand for. But before you seriously consider taking up political positions, please reconsider the way you are conducting your 'politics'.

I will very much wish to see you compete in the correct political manner.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr Tan will become our Elected President or a Member of Parliament because I know that Mr Tan is a man with great sense of fair play. Although I do not know Mr Tan personally but during my many years as customer of NTUC INCOME I had e-mailed Mr Tan my feedbacks on a few occasions. I was pleasantly surprised that not only Mr answered every one of my e-mail but Mr Tan also gave me very fair responses to the issues I had highlighted.

I am sure that many investors of the bad financial products are grateful that Mr Tan willingly gave time and effort to help them press for answers and hopefully recover some of their money. Although I am not an investor of the bad financial products reported in the newspapers, I know for a fact that as an individual, it was impossible to get a fair response from the financial institution which sold the financial product. In my case the sales brochure was misleading, hence although I had read the sales brochure carefully and asked relevant questions, the financial product turned out to be different, consequently my wife and I lost some money. I gave evidence to FIDReC about (a) the misleading sales brochure and (b) that the fund had charged higher fees than that stated in the sales brochure. However FIDReC dismissed both of my complaints.

Anonymous said...

I dont think EP, or MP of a single ward (independant candidate) or even a GRC can make things change especially on National Issue unless you can find enough strong candidates to form an opposition party to replace PAP. Although Nominated MP has no voting right, but they have sufficient air time in the paliment. I suggest Mr. Tan to get yourself nominated as NMP next year first. When you speak in the paliament and ask questions, the minister has to answer, rather than keep sending petition, but they dont care about you.

Anonymous said...

Dear IvyG,

That was a very touching testimony on how a CEO personally took the time and trouble help resolve your problem with your brother's policy.

It is rare in this day and age to find a CEO with a big heart like Mr Tan in any big corporations.

It would be good if you can write to ST forum and Today's paper to silent Mr Tan's critics and the likes of Mr Chua SY.

Anonymous said...

I for one will go out and get as much signatures for you as I can.

Your effort to get those signatures may not be as hard as it seems.

Afterall, you can already count on 33% of the population plus and part of those that voted for the PAP.

hongjun said...

What's the role of a President in Singapore?

I only see him appear at charities, shake hands with citizens at Istana during open house, NDP and on a potrait displayed in Science Centre.

I agree it's a waste of your talent in becoming a President. Be an independent candidate.


Anonymous said...

I support you as EP. However I am not sure if an independent EP and a PAP Govt could work together successfully.

Is there any rule to disqualify an ex-EP from contesting a GE?

IMHO, better to think beforehand the best move. The country needs alternatives beyond 2012.

Dr. James Bok

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,
Singaporeans need changes and we need it fast!
You have full support to stand for next president.
Along the way, I will gather more signatures in the next days.


Anonymous said...

If Anuar Ibrahim can be in parliament I'm sure you can be an MP too!
As for President chances are slim to my thinking!
Poor Retirees are left to fend for themselves - high inflation has taken a toll on them as they like me are the silent sufferers today...they tell us to find jobs when in fact interviewers tell us to relax and enjoy your Golden so sad!....everybody will grow old and cannot escape but don live in a MONEY TRAP WORLD!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan,
Go for the MP position as the EP position is a passive one. You can help more people if you can compete in a GRC than a single ward.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

I think to contest the Elected Presidency,you need to be a "endorsed by PAP" candidate. Otherwise you may face all kinds of hurdles even if you are supported by a 100000 signature petition. Take note of this reality here.

Maybe you should gather enough like minded credible people together, form a party and contest the next GE and aim to win 10-20 seats. This will have the most impact for your ideals than if you stand alone as independent candidate.

Anonymous said...

I WILLGLADY SUPPORT YOU AND BRING IN MORE SIGNAURE TO REACH 100,000. It is not very difficult. Onc election is near about 6 months before hand get the movement going and I will help to spread the message. You must be willing and I am sure the support is there. Do you know why there is no election so far for President?

During the first election, PAP was shock to find that actually MR Ong Teng Cheong only won by 52%! With his experience and status, he could have easily won by 80%. why? Because Singaporean were not strongly belive in PAP putting his own man in the post! I voted for Mr Chua instead.

So after this incident, PAP will twit the system until there is no candidates available except the one voted by him.

In fact, PAP is so worry that MR Ong will stand in again after the saga with the government. They actually want him out and said that his health is an issue and if he so decided to run again, the PAP and NTUC will not support him!

So MR Tan think about it. If you want to make a difference, delcare it, I am very sure there will be enought 100,000 signatures or rather 200,000 signatures coming up. I am quite sure you will win it with at least 60% of margin than the one posted by PAP!.

Then we can have a real President elected by the people to safeguard our Reserve!

Yes we can, fired up and ready to go.
No points of having enough money and 60 years old staying outside the system. You can make more contribution, and Singaporean will stand to see a 60 years old come up to make a difference. It will inspire youngster to care about public policy and concern about our nation.

But do speak and discuss with your wife. She must be ready to be First Lady! and I am waiting for this day that there is an election and the people have spoken.

Fire Up and ready to go.

By the way good effort for the Minibond saga and I will be bring my son to Hong Lim park to hear your speech.

Lim CY

black feline said...

Please keep fit and gather all your forces NOW..till the BIG DAY! I want to be part of the history in the making! We need this moment!

Unknown said...

the sph reporter chose a very ugly photo of you for that article.

i suppose future reportings will be as biased?

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest someone start a signature 'blog' to gather the 100,000 signatures or more to let Mr Tan knows that Singapore needs people like him to be the EP or MP. Once the blog is done, let the media knows. Singapore really needs an alternative like Obama says 'MAKE THE CHANGE'. Mr Tan, my family will support you - will garner others as well.

AlphavilleSG said...

Dear Mr Tan Kin Lian,

I have already signed the petition.

It is a hard road ahead, but in the same manner Obama started with little support from his bid for Presidency, a virtual unknown to the general public.

It is a steep climb, you will have to rely on volunteers, people who can hope for a change, for the better and turn that belief, into a reality.

Against the tide, the PAP government has never taken lightly to allow just ‘anyone’ to stand for Presidency, maybe it is the case of President Ong Teng Cheong, pursuing his legally obliged role too stringently. Or to paraphrase what he had lamented, it might be unwise to have one person vest all the power to check on the government, that would required a person of utmost integrity.

Such a person is hard to come by. To its effectiveness as the role of president requires, it is even harder for the government to contemplate letting someone who had opposing views to stand.

I read from this article and from your blog that it seems, your intention is to see the government do the right thing for the benefit of all Singaporean, we all do. I hope if we give you the mandate, you can keep that promise.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan
I am not convinced to give you a vote yet, perhaps you may want to post your comment on my blog, to clear my suspicion of you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

I am very sure you will get the 100k supports needed. Please tell me how I can register to give you that support.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan KL

Be it the EP or as an MP, you have my support. but i seriously feel that to be an EP would be to walk into a trap. Firstly the selection process is one way to make sure that the EP is one endorsed by them. Taking that route could lead to 2 things 1. either u get disqualified from teh game even before u started 2. they let u win, then they do all they can to obstruct u, thus rendering u powerless and then making u look incompetent.

Better to become an MP either by forming a party or to join an opposition. Its time to think of leveraging. with ur ability, u can do alot, but think about it, its not just so much about how much u can do at this stage but also how much u can rally. as the saying goes that deep calls to deep, u may be the catelyst to stir up similar people as yourself who wants to do something for singapore and singaporeans without checking how many millions they will be paid first. Or if u join an opposition, u can leverage on their existing network and resources no matter how small, and they can also benefit from your experience, your abilities as well as your reputation.

Dont be an EP or independent or NMP, u cant do this alone. Its time to leverage and make a sustainable impact.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

I am very confident that you will get your 100K signatures and I am for it too. However, there are many sacrifices that you would have to go through, hope you know what I meant as far as those who are previously being eliminated through underhand methods by the old fart and his party. However, I believe you will be prepare and do all things possible to get there, myself and all the rest are behind you all the way.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,
you have my support


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Anonymous said...

dear mr. tan,
im a 24 yr old uni undergrad and you totally have my vote if you run. better still, run under a new flag.
many young ppl simply wont enter politics against the PAP because they know they will definitely get slaughtered. we need a general like you who isnt crazy like a bull in a china shop, nor is quiet and submissive. with the sad passing of JBJ the future of singapore politics look very bleak.
you neednt stay long in the field, just sow the seeds, it will make the difference. do not worry about backlashes, if your conscience is clear, the people will be on your side.

Concerned said...

Go for the MP, especially with a few like-mind people and contest in a GRC.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Mr Tan, we'll support you for sure !

Let PAP know that our nation is not for ELITES ! Its for all of the people of Singapore.

PAP & ELITES better wake up now. Learn to be humble like Mr Tan.

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I always feel that going into politics should not be money driven but for the love of its country and people. The older generation of PAP members does fit this description and that is why Singapore is where it is today, but I can’t say the same for the newer generation of PAP members. Mr. Tan you have my support, I have been waiting for someone like you to vote for , a person with a heart for the people and at the same time having the caliber to do the job well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan, We need transparency from the government, an independent audit committee should be set up to audit GIC and Temasek accounts which the people are the rightful owners of the monies. The people wants to know if our CPF monies were also invested in any of those failed or about to fail bonds/notes. Being an EP does not provide you with powers to check and balance the government. Thus, being an MP would be a better choice. You might want to consider setting up a political party separate from the other oppositions. I will be difficult to see eye to eye in directions with the old school of thoughts, as they fail to capitalise on the current crisis hitting singapore.

One suggestion would be to take a leaf from our Table tennis team. China had so many talented players but they can only have 3 players represented in a team. The rest are 'exported'. Likewise, there will be many in the main party here who are also talented, but could not land themselves as ministers. These will be the group of people you might wish to consider to take them into your potential political party. Go for the GE, you have another supporter!

Anonymous said...

In rebuttal to 'Anonymous' of 4:33PM who wrote:

"The way you conduct your 'politics' will be detrimental to the greater Singapore society. We do not need populist politicians."

While I agree that populist politics will be detrimental to the long term good of S'pore. I would like to highlight that 'populist politics' was what brought the incumbant party to power in the first place. But what was 'popular' back then (clean efficient governance, affordable housing for everyone) is markedly different. Times change, these 'popular' themes now form the key backbone of the S'pore system. We have gone a long way from third world to first, although the landscape has changed, some things should not.

MPs in S'pore are paid to raise issues that common citizens have, to help them and to address their issues. As a citizen, the CLN saga has showed me how paid MPs chose to 'play it safe', because the issue hinged on many grey areas and is a dispute that cannot be easily resolved. It took a retiree who volunteered his time w/o any pay to help these aggrieved citizens. This is not right.

The saga also showed me that investors who invested with their 'eyes wide opened' were joined by the TCs, no less, in their deemed folly. This is alarming.

But the most discomforting was the arrogant tone of the MP who told citizens to be 'thankful'. This is hard to swallow.

I have always voted the incumbant because I feel they are the most able to lead S'pore to greater heights. I still hold this belief. But 'Pride comes before a fall' - I hope the incumbant wake up, get back its humility and go back to serving the citizens.

Mr. Tan, I am all for you as an alternative voice, check/balance if you continue to work for the common folk and raise issues responsibly.

But I think your services will be put to better use as an MP, rather than the figurehead role of an EP.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,
By being led to the path that the media suggested (online petition, elected president...etc),you run the risk of losing focus on the battle between FIs and affected investors. The investors group is now relying heavily on your leadership to carry on with the battle with the strong and formidable FIs+Authorities+Media group, just hope that this new development will not affect/diminish yr continuing effort in helping the affected investors. Also think that should you decide to get involve in politics, your services will be put to better use as an MP, why bother about EP ? - waste of time !

Anonymous said...

Our family, consisting of 3 eligible votes, will support you.

We believe you represent the man in street better

Anonymous said...


Don't waste your time seeing your PAP MP. I went thrice to see my MP ( he has since retired ) and all he said was he would appeal but this is Government policy. I got my revenge when he came along before the election to tell me that he was always there to help the constituents ( he failed to recognise me though I saw him thrice before. ) I reminded him I had gone to see him at least thrice and he could not help me. He beat a red-faced retreat.
One up for me!

Anonymous said...

You are very wise and humble Kin Lian! I will support anyone who has sincere good motives and you are one of them!!

Now...where's the place to add my signature (going back to re-read)....

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